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Monday, June 24, 2013

Art and the Temple : J Kirk Richards Essay

HOPE by J Kirk Richards
 J Kirk Richards has written a great essay about art and temples.  I LOVE looking at the murals in temples during the service.  I find I concentrate better and my mind wanders less (am I the only one with that tendency?).  I love the art used in the film as well.  You can read his essay here.

One of the things he discusses is the use of darkness and light, especially in depicting Christ, like in this Rembrandt:

Now take a look at this Supper at Emmaus by Rembrandt, not to mention this popular painting of Christ walking on the water. Perhaps the former example might come off a bit spooky in the estimation of some, but the device itself is strikingly gorgeous.

Another topic is the use of symbolism and abstraction in art, which apparently is discouraged by the temple art guidelines.  Interesting, given the use of symbolism and abstraction in the REST of the temple experience!
Mother and Child by J Kirk Richards

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