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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free eBook Offer on Popular Genealogy Book

Here's a great chance to get a free ebook version of Barry J. Ewell's latest book!

Special Free eBook Offer:  Family Treasures—15 Lessons, Tips and Tricks
 for Discovering Your Family History

This is a limited time offer.   Barry J. Ewell will share with you a PDF of his book 
Family Treasures: 15 Lessons, Tips, and Tricks for Discovering Your Family History 
(437 pages).  The resource will help you increase your skills and speed at which you 
are able to improve you genealogy research success. 

If you or your friends would like a PDF copy of the book, do the following:
    Send email:
    Subject Line: Free eBook

Book Overview

The following is an outline of the book and what you will find. The genealogy journey is
 not an easy one, but the treasures you'll discover on the way make the path well worth 
traveling —something Barry J. Ewell knows from personal experience.  In his travels he 
has found clues in everything from dusty relics to modern technology. 

Now he is ready to share his experience and guide you through each step of your personal 
family history journey.  Whether you're just beginning your family history journey or you're
 a seasoned genealogist, this book is the perfect road map to all the treasures still waiting 
for you in your personal family history.

Following is the book’s Table of Contents:
    Lesson 1: Genealogy Is a Repeatable Process
    Lesson 2: Start Organized, Stay Organized
    Lesson 3: Every Record Has Value
    Lesson 4: Where to Find Records
    Lesson 5: How to Search the Internet Like a Genealogist
    Lesson 6: Field Research Is Required
    Lesson 7: Cite and Verify Every Source
    Lesson 8: If Sherlock Holmes Were a Genealogist
    Lesson 9: Learn to Network
    Lesson 10: Stay Connected to the Network
    Lesson 11: Carefully Search Ancestor Writings
    Lesson 12: Search Every Page of Hometown Newspapers
    Lesson 13: Learn to Find the Origins of Immigrant Ancestor
    Lesson 14: The Oral Interview Is the Most Valued Research
    Lesson 15: Write and Publish Your Story
    Epilogue: Genealogy, Prayer, and Inspiration

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Creed Haymond Story of the Word of Wisdom, in His Own Words

Creed Haymond was a famous LDS athlete who kept the word of wisdom even in difficult situations.  You have probably heard his story told in Primary, Seminary, Institute and even General Conference (Perry, Oct 1996; Faust, Oct 2000).  Now you can HEAR him tell his own story.

Cover of The Creed Haymond Story: How He Learned That the Word of Wisdom Is True, by Jay ToddCover of The Creed Haymond Story: How He Learned That the Word of Wisdom Is True, by Jay Todd

Go to the TempleStudy blog to HEAR Creed Haymond tell his own version of his experience with obeying the word of wisdom during his athletic career.  Blogger Bryce Haymond has also posted a typed transcription of the audio.