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Thursday, May 16, 2013

FREE Online OCR : AKA 'Help with Handouts'

I was sad to discover that the scanner and computer in our office in Frankfurt are not set up to do OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  What that means is that ALL the handouts for class that my husband and I scanned and brought with us were only usable as photographs, not editable text.
And you know how photographs of texts are just not anywhere near as CLEAR and LEGIBLE as a Word document is.

Here is the original I wanted to change: Canon Lists for Hebrew Bible, Septuagint, Vulgate and King James Versions of the Old Testament.

So I looked on Google for some free OCR software.  VERY scary results.  You had to agree to download and install their toolbars, search engines, browser home page, etc, etc.  NO THANKS.

Then I Googled "Free OCR Online" hoping I could upload a photograph or PDF to their site and get back editable text.  The very first hit was "Online OCR."  

By registering, I get 20 free document scans.  I can buy more.

The document came back with only about 5 letters that needed to be corrected.  THAT is really good.  And I am a happy camper again.


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  1. I find another free online ocr to convert image to text, it supports 40+ languages, and can save converted text to editable txt file and searchable pdf document.