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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Please go vote for FAIR LDS podcasts: they are great!

The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research

This is a SPECIAL EDITION of the FAIR Journal. We are sending out this
special edition to notify you of something that cannot wait until the
next FAIR Journal is readied and sent out--it will be too late by that

The People's Choice Podcast Awards, better known simply as the Podcast
Awards, are an annual set of awards given to the best podcasts as
voted on by listeners. This year, 1,441,712 listeners nominated 2,698
shows. Ten shows were chosen as nominees in each of 22 different

Our Mormon FAIR-Cast, which is located at, has been
nominated to receive a Podcast Award in the "Religion Inspiration"
category. We consider this nomination a great honor.

How We Were Nominated
Nominations were open for 15 days in September. Podcasts that received
votes were reviewed by a 22-member committee that took a variety of
factors into account. The total number of votes a podcast received
accounted for only 40% of the grading, with the quality of the
website's design (15%), quality of sound (15%), quality of deliverance
and show format (10%), and relevance of content (20%) also being

What We Would Like You To Do
Final voting for the awards began today, October 12th, and will end on
October 27th at 11:59pm HST. Each person (verified by IP address) may
vote ONCE EACH DAY during the 15 days that voting is open. In other
words, a single person can cast 15 votes if he or she votes once each

Please support the Mormon FAIR-Cast by casting your vote at this

Remember, you can vote once each day for the 15 days voting is open,
and voting only takes a moment.

To vote, go to the and find the Mormon FAIR-Cast
entry. It is listed under the Religion Inspiration category, which is
near the bottom of the page on the right. It is the third category up
from the bottom. Click on the Mormon FAIR-Cast entry. Then scroll down
and enter your name and email address. Click on the button that
describes you best (Listener, Podcaster, or Both.) For most of you
that will be "Listener." Then click on the submit button on the right.

Please spread the word by telling your friends. Even if we don't win
the voting, we hope this will raise awareness of the great resources
we have. If we do win, it is even better. You can post a link with
instructions on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Remind your friends
to vote each day, and thank you for your continued support of FAIR.

-Allen Wyatt
FAIR, VP Operations

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