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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Sacred Geometry" : Lectures and Workshop in Springville

From their website:

"If you ever took a class on geometry, you might wonder what was so sacred about it. It’s just a lot of angles and equations–or is it? Without even know it, everyone speaks the language of geometry. Geometry, ‘geo’ meaning world, and ‘metre’, meaning measure, can be construed as the measure of the earth. But it is much more.

Sacred Geometry entices the mathematician, the artist, the architect, the musician, the physician and the common man. It encompasses numbers, shapes, sounds, colors, and everything growing. It gives the explanation for purpose, function and the endless potential of man on the earth. And that’s only the beginning.

All over the world sacred space is filled with all things geometrical. The human body is a lifelong study of proportional relationships to PHI. And books continue to be churned out to explain what has seemed like the unexplainable. But not any longer.

The answers are available today. For the first time in this millennium, answers to questions centuries old are here for those who are truly seeking. Connections to lighthouses, whether they be temples or the human body will be explored and explained. Distinct spiritual connections with science and the universe will be unfolded. Join us for this illuminating event and come understand secrets known by Da Vinci, Euclid, Abraham, and Joseph.

October, 14, 3-5 Free hands on workshop using compass and right angle. Pre-registration is required. Contact to save a seat. Free panel discussion from 6 – 9 P.M.

October, 15 8 – 5 P.M. Lectures featuring Wulf Barsch, Dr. C. Lance Harding, Garth Norman, Val Brinkerhoff and Yvonne Bent.

Seating is limited. Don’t wait to reserve yourself a place at this once in a lifetime event.

Tickets are $45.00 at

Questions? call 510 685-8288."

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